Sizing rings?

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  1. My s.o. and I are thinking about our options for an engagement ring and I was curious about ring sizing. My ring size is a 6. How large or how small of a ring can we buy that can be sized to fit?

    Also, does it change depending on how you size the piece? I am looking at a ring with hallmarks on the sides, not across the bottom. Does that mean it can be sized a wider range of sizes?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. If you are a size 6, I've heard that you should not buy a ring that is larger than 1 size. So, you should not buy something that is larger than a size 7. Your size will also vary depending on the width of the band. I think it is a good idea to go to a jeweler to have them size you before the purchase of a ring. If you purchase an eternity-style ring, you probably can't resize it. Keep in mind that some fingers swell during the summer and or "that time of the month".

    Good exciting for you!
  3. Thanks suli!!! His inquiry "what is your ring size, by the way..." was really exciting for me! I didn't know he was looking so early. We were planning on later this year.

    Anyway, it is my time of the month so I will try to get professionally sized again in a couple days.

    The ring we found that we both really like is about one size smaller than my ring size. I wonder if that means we should move on from that as an option?
  4. really depends on the ring.. if its just a band with a stone anything would work.. if it has a semi eternity then 1 sizes MAX.. if its 1/3 to 1/2 a semi eternity kinda like my ring its 2 sizes max