Sizing questions for Come Boots

  1. Do any of you have advice for how the CL Come Boots fit?
  2. I have these, I am usually a 37- My Simples are 37 but these are pretty narrow and tight- I went up a size to 38. Where did you find them in black??
  3. I've seen some popping up on eBay.
  4. I found them at Saks when I called the customer service # to look for the VP nude patent. The store at Richmond, VA had the nudes in stock (let's hope they fit) and they had this Come boot too. The boot was on sale (no sale on the nude), so I thought that I would give it a shot. It is a half size larger than what I got in the Lapano bootie which ran small, so it might just fit! :shrugs:

    They should arrive today or tomorrow. PLLLEEEAAAASSSSE shoe fairy let the VP nude patents fit!!!!! I'll let you know....