Sizing Opinions? Lady Gres vs. Decollete 868's?

  1. I would like to buy a pair of LGs in leather, I took my normal euro size in the decolletes, and they fit great, but I have had to size up in a few other of his shoes. I don't have anywhere near to try them on, so any help appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. Well...I took a 1/2 size down from my 'normal' size as the toe bow/peep toe gave a bit more room. Here is a short line up of my various CL sizing...hope it helps:flowers:

    Typical Euro Size: 39


    Very Prive 38.5
    Fuschia Suede Lady Gres 38.5
    Silver Bling Blings (Specchio Leather) 39
    Rolando (3 pairs: Purple Suede, Metallic bronze, Red Patent) 39
    Super T 39
    Decollete 39.5
    Metallika Booties 40
  3. Thank you! that does help a lot