Sizing on CL Materna peep-toe wedge - pls help

  1. I am usually not a wedge girl, nor a lower heel girl, but I'm preggers, and figured that the 3 1/2 - 4" heels I usually wear may get a little tricky, given that my balance is not super even w/o the extra weight and impaired visibility looking down. I decided that I really like these and they'll be a good heel height. I was lucky enough to hunt down a pair of black 37.5's at Saks. However, I find Louboutin sizing to be more inconsistent than Choos or Manolos. Can anyone tell me how the Materna wedge runs for you? Saks' website says it runs small, but I'm hoping it doesn't run too small. Thank you!!
  2. Sorry, small correction -- they're Materna Zeppas, in patent. I suspect Saks' 1/2 size thing is right, but am looking for some hope that it's not, since I couldn't find 38s anywhere. At least I can return them if they don't fit...
  3. Hi there - I have these shoes (good choice, BTW)! They do run a bit small, but fairly consistent with my other CLs. For example, I'm a 36.5-37 in MB, but normally a 37.5 in CL, and these are perfect for me in a 37.5. Hope that helps!
  4. Hi, these are very comfortable wedges! i took my normal CL size in them and they fit perfect. I am a size 40 in CL, size 39.5 in most other euro sizes..:tup:
  5. I found this shoe to run on the small/narrow side for sure; I had to size up 1/2 a size even though I have narrow & small feet.