sizing of Marc by Marc Jacobs ?

  1. Hello all!

    I just came back from DSW (i RAN there on my lunch break hahaha!) and picked up 4 pairs of shoes - one of them being a pair of MbMJ BLACK PATENT PUMPS for $60!!! (DOWN FROM $325!) :yahoo:

    But I tried them on and they're too tight!! :sad:

    I'm usually between size 7.5 and 8. Do MbMJ shoes run small? I bought the size 38 (which they noted as being size 8!) I'm so sad, I can't size up a half size because it was the LAST ONE! AWWWww...

    Let me know thanks!
  2. oops, i couldn't edit my post. i wanted to add that i don't know whether or not to attribute the tight fit to their shoes running small or to my feet being swollen from all the running and blood circulation!
  3. i usually wear 7.5-8 and i need a 38.5 in mbmj usually. i also need to stretch them out because i guess i have wide feet for his shoes.
  4. I think they do tend to run small. I have to size up a half or whole size when I buy his shoes. And I have big feet, so that makes it harder to find the size I need. Oh, well.
  5. i have a pair of pumps that ran small, but i also have a pair of flats that ran large...mbmj sizing seems to be all over the place.
  6. I have the mouse flats and I had to go a full size up. I'm usually a size 7 (37) but went to a (38).
  7. They definitely are a little small if it is a full cover shoes. I am size 6, but I go half size up for MJ and buy 36.5
  8. In flats I can definately say they run small & I've gone a half to a whole size up & I've found "regular" MJ's to run pretty true to size.
  9. for me they run small so a half size up would be much better
  10. I tend to size up. I need to try on MJ and M by MJ shoes because my size fluctuates between a 35 to a 36.5. On average, a 36 works for me.
  11. i go half a size up in mbmj
  12. the only pumps i have by him are actually true to size...bit tight but nothing that cant be worked on :yes:
  13. i have a pair of slingback sandals from a few seasons ago...they were true to size. i think it really depends on the style of the shoe.
  14. I only have mj's not mbmj. I was told that the regulat mj's run true to size which I have found to be true and that the mbmj's run small...
  15. yup your a size 38.5 for sure