Sizing of Love-Do you consider wrist changing as you age?

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  1. Hello lovely TPFr’s!!

    I will be purchasing the small Love for a milestone birthday in August... I’m turning 50! When I have been sized for the Love in the past they always told me I was a size 17. I went into Cartier to try on the bracelet... was debating on the cuff so was testing things out. I tried on the 17 it didn’t turn completely around but the SA said it was too big and had me try on the 16. It seemed to fit fine not tight but more fitted. Should I consider as I age my wrist will changes sizes? Do any of you consider this? I like the more fitted look but wondering if my wrist would change and it would become too small. Any thoughts or experiences with this? Love to hear from you.
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  2. Congrats, for I too have a Birthday in August... The LOVE bracelet is oval and is not meant to be able to turn around on your wrist without you doing it manually.. if it does, then it's too big. You should have room for it to slide up and down your arm. If the 16 feels too tight, then it probably is. It all depends on your wrist and arm... and your comfort level. I don't know anything about the cuff, but I do fancy myself as an expert on the LOVE bracelet.
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  3. I like the slightly bigger fit. Also I find it‘s too expensive to become perhaps too small in 10 or later years. Congrats on your milestone!
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  4. When determining the size of Love, personal preference is always the key.
    I felt that all of the SAs like to suggest customers to go for a smaller size, as snug as possible. Maybe they are trained to do that, I don’t know, but it annoys me as I prefer loose fit bangle.
    My SA kept telling me size 16 was perfect and 15 was even better, but I asked her to get me sizes 17 and 18 to try on. I bought size 17.
    SA don’t care, they get commission whatever size you buy.
    Only you know which size fits the best for you 24/7. You ended up wearing the Love, not your SA.
    As for wrist size, that’s what I bear in mind when I choose the looser fit.
    My wrists and fingers expand one size in summer, in afternoons, and in humid locations (like Singapore)
    I’m also very skinny, it’s impossible to lose anymore weight. But there is a possibility that I might gain a lot of weight (medicine, hormone, diet, who knows?) in these future decades. So I need to be careful, don’t buy a bangle so snugged that I can’t wear with the slight change of weight.
    You should try a range of sizes, your heart would tell you which one is perfect for you... without asking the SA.
  5. Thank you for your advice. I think being an expert on the LOVE bracelet is a wonderful thing to be :smile:
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  6. Thank you for the well wishes. I agree with your thoughts.
    Meant to say Happy Early Birthday to another August baby!
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  7. It has it's perks... lol
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  8. Thank you for your thoughts, I will definitely try both sizes on again. I measured my wrist and it’s 15cm seems like some people choose the 16 and some the 17 depending on personal preference. I think that if I were to get the classic size i would go with the 17 for sure, but since the small love is thinner i am able to fit the 16. Decisions.. decisions lol
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  9. Thanking you for the Early Birthday Greeting... being a Leo, we truly never stop celebrating... we kind of act like it's our Birthday everyday just because we are Leos. And a Happy Early Birthday to you Luvshandbags.
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  10. What is it that you truly desire ? I think it's the classic LOVE bracelet... the 17 will work if you plan on stacking or stand alone.
  11. I have the trinity cord bracelet and though had originally wanted the classic decided on the small that way to stack with what I have and the ease of taking it off.
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  12. I have the Trinity on cord as well... it's fun and cute... I don't wear it as much as I thought I would though.... I must show love to my Trinity on cord. Thank you for reminding me the error of my ways... lol
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  13. I have the same size wrist and got a 16, the SA's are trained in the belief that the bangle shouldn't move up and down like a normal bangle on your wrist, but rather it should sit on your wrist quite snug. My weight fluctuates so sometimes in the year I think it's a bit tight. My friends mom had to get 3 different ones apparently, but she is a larger lady. Personal preference TBH.
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  14. Thanks for the input. Are you still happy you got the 16 or wish you had gotten the 17 for when your weight fluctuates?
  15. For you reference, my wrist is 15 cm too and wearing size 18 now. I got this one year after giving birth. My wrist was still chubby so it fitted perfectly by that time. I’m losing weight a lot after. Thus my bracelet is bigger and looser on my wrist as you see now.

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