Sizing of Lanvin ballet flats, help needed again

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  1. I am trying to order some online and am not sure what size. I generally wear 40 in Louboutin, 40 or 40.5 in Blahnik, 39.5 or 40 in Taryn Rose, 40 in Merrell, 8.5 in mens running shoes. I think a 40.5 may be the right size, but I am not sure. Should they be snug, or a little roomy in the toe? All help and advice is much appreciated!
  2. i just bought a pair of lavin ballet flats, i found them tts. i'm a 6 in louboutin and i got my lanvin in 6 as well, they fit perfectly. hope that helps you
  3. I am a huge fan of Lanvin flats, I find the leather and patent leather to run true to size, the satin runs 1/2 size small imo, the metallic leathers also run true
    to size. Hope this helps.
  4. I wear a 35.5 or a 36 in Louboutin and measure a 5.5 narrow. I bought a 36 in metallic leather and black leather and they fit well. I tried on a pair of patent ones however that I would have needed a 35 or smaller--they seemed to run very wide or long (also didn't have the same elastic that the leather ones do...) If you are ordering from somewhere you cannot exchange I'd ask for an insole measurement because I think the different leathers run differently...
  5. for me...
    patent = snug in width for me (and i have a narrow foot), but longer than the metallic/plain.
    plain= 1/2 size big for me.
    metallic = tts.
    loafer style = 2whole size - 1 1/2 size small. i wear a 38 in louboutins and 37.5 the other lanvins and fit the 36 perfectly in the loafer.
  6. i got half size up in both satin and leather.
  7. Thanks everybody - I went and tried them on today. I bought a 40.5, in leather; also tried on the metallic and 40.5 seemed to work there too.