Sizing of David Yurman Rings

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  1. Hi everyone! does anyone know if you can have David Yurman rings made bigger?
  2. Hey there. I had posted about this awhile back. The consensus is that yes, if you go to a DY store (or NM counter with DY), they can send it out to make it bigger. What ring is it? I have the petite albion -- and if they expand it, it will ruin the look of the back of the ring.
  3. its the petite albion ring also...thanks for your help!
  4. Your jeweler might also be able to order one for you. DBF wanted a black titanium and silver ring. The size 10 they had was too small. Titanium cannot be sized, so the jeweler custom ordered a size 11 ring for him. David Yurman didn't have this ring available in size 11, so one was custom made just for him. It took 6 weeks to get it, but it was worth the wait.
  5. I have large fingers and I have had my made to a size 11. I requested one to be made a prasolite and they could not make it because the heat would damage the stone. They ended up making with blue topaz and the jewerler sent it back. The was a 11mm albion. The one that I have is a cushion stack or noblesse, can't really tell from the website, in onyx.
  6. ilovebags--

    i wouldnt do it if i were you, unless the ring doesnt fit, and is just sitting around. i wear mine on my ring finger, and was thinking about making it larger to get on my middle finger. since the band is not plain, it will ruin the look from your palm view. maybe we can trade rings, lol!
  7. I think Carlyle and Co, which sells Yurman where I live, said they can only make them 3 sizes bigger. I have seen ones that have been sized up and I think they look weird.