Sizing of CL experts please help me!!

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  1. I'm sure that this has been posted many times, but how does the sizing compare to manolos? I wear a 38 in a manolo d'orsay or sandal but a 38.5 in closed toe. I want to order some CL's from NM, but I have no clue on sizing and there are no retailers near me... fashion crisis..the best crisis to have.
  2. CL's are notorious for inconsistent sizing from style to style (so much so that my personal collection of CL's range in size from 35 to 37) my best advice is to find out the style name of the shoe you're interested in. Once you get the style name (or have a photo of the shoe that you can post) I think a lot of us here would be happy to help. CL's are also notoriously addictive I should add!! :yes:
  3. Thank you!!!
  4. I agree about the sizing. I have sometimes had to try on three different sizes to figure out the right size - it varies from shoe style to shoe style.