Sizing Help?

  1. I live in the uk and take a size 7/8 shoe what size should i take in shoes designed by Steve Madden any help appreciated.
  2. I'm guessing a 37, I am an 8 and wear a 38.
  3. No, uk 5 is a 38 and from there on up so 7/8 should be 40/41
  4. oh and some people go down a half size for american sizes, that is 38 is 7,5 etc but my feet translate directly, that is 38 equals 8 for me etc
  5. hmmm, well I wear an 8 and my closet is full of 38's:shrugs: and 39's
  6. Shoe sizes are always so confusing :Push: It's not enough to know your european and american sizes, you have to know your uk, french and italian too, plus designer as they can variate too :hysteric:
  7. it's SOOO confusing! I tried to look it up and got even more distressed! LOL!
  8. Thanks for the help everyone!:smile: