Sizing help with Burberry double-breasted wool coat pls!!!

  1. I don't own this coat, but I do own a few burberry pieces, and they run tts. for me, i usually wear sz 0 or 2, and if I were to get this, I'd get a US4 (esp if you like fitted look). however, if you plan on wearing heavy layers underneath, e.g. suits or chunky sweaters, or or if you prefer your coats to be more "loose" in general, I'd say get the US6.
  2. Gosh, that's a beautiful coat! I agree with randr21. I have three Burberry coats (one is wool) and they run tts for me too. I did need to have the sleeves shortened on my quilted jacket,though.
  3. Thanks so much for the help ladies - I really appreciate it! :flowers:

    randr21 - It sounds like we're similar in size, and it's actually a US size 4 that I've been debating about, so your comments are right on the mark for me. Thanks so much! Do you think a size 2 would be too small for someone who normally wears size 0/2?

    Leelee - Thanks for your input! I don't own any Burberry coats yet and wasn't able to try this one in IRL, so I appreciate the help. ;)
  4. That is such a great coat. It's so classy!
  5. I wear a 0/2 and size 2 Burberry coats are definitely too snug - I am pretty small up top, too.
  6. kuk416 - Wow, thanks for confirming what randr21 said! I thought for sure it would be a size 2 that I need, but it's sounding like the size 4 is perfect for me. :wlae:
  7. yup, size 4 would be better than 2...
  8. i agree-i'm normally a 0/2 as well, and I need a 4 in burberry coats
  9. Sounds great ladies - I feel so much better now, because a size 4 is exactly what I ordered!

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. oh! this is good to hear. i usually wear a 0, and i was really disappointed that the smallest size they made was a 2. a 2 should work right?

  11. I haven't tried this jacket for size, but your jacket at Bloomingdales looks like it might be the same as the Burberry Brit Hooded Wool felt Duffel Coat on Net-a-Porter.
    If it is the same, the measurements for all sizes are provided in the Size & Fit/'view this item's measurements' click thru :smile:
  12. ^^
    Also I forgot to add that my measurements are very close to yours (but I have wide shoulders) and I own quite a few Burberry Brit/London coats and jackets. I usually wear the UK8 if I want to layer and the UK6 if I want it more fitted - I think I'd go for the 8 in this one because tight duffel coats don't look right at all.
  13. thaanks soo much for ur input! UK8 is a size 4 in the states which is what i was thinking of getting i just wanted to make sure! :smile: