Sizing help for Louboutin Suede Prive (slingback)

  1. Hi hi! Can any of you lovely ladies give me some tips for sizing for the Prive (slingback--is this called Prive or Very Prive? :shrugs:) in Suede? I'm pretty much an 8.5 in designer shoes and 8 in none designer, but I've never bought Louboutin before, but tried on a pair of patent yoyos in 38 and its a bit small.

    Also, do you guys know about the sizing for CL slingback sandals? Run small or will a be able to pull of a 38?

    Thanks so much for your time! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. I think suede usually stretches so 38 might fit you. I know the prives do run small but it depends which material is being used. I'm a size 5-5.5 in shoes and have shoes ranging from 35- 36 in CL.
  3. Thanks for your advice!

    Do you happen to know about sizing in regards to the sandal-type sling backs? I'm looking at one pair and its in satin..its totally open toe, not just peep-toe, and in satin. Thanks again!
  4. I have the prive in the leather version, they do run slightly small, I would get your usual designer size, I think its gonna be better for you :smile: