Sizing for pumps - need advice!


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Jul 5, 2007
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Hi all,

I have a neuroma in my left foot, which makes wearing closed toe shoes with any sort of heel a recipe for in agony. I think part of my problem all along was wearing my flat shoe size in heels.

As such, I invest in flats and boots and stay away from anything with a heel. I did see a cute pair at Zara over the weekend. I tried them on in a 7 and knew I would be in pain within wearing them for 5 minutes. A size 8 felt like I could wear for a longer period, but, there was a gay between my heel and the back of the shoe.

So, my question is... would wearing a size larger and that gap ruin the look of the shoes to make wearing them not worth it in the first place? Do they sell things to hide a gap like that?

I am clueless when it comes to higher heeled shoes, pardon my ignorance! :smile:


Aug 8, 2011
I use heel grips, the jelly type, if I guess my size wrong. In some cases I purchase my shoes a whole size larger to stick an insole in.
I think you should pay attention to shape of the front of the shoe. Probably something rounder will be more accommodating than pointed toe.


Feb 11, 2011
So I take it you need the gap at the heel?

To keep your feet from sliding around in a roomier shoe, there are small roundish pads for the ball of the feet (Foot Petals) that could help.

As for the heel, it may look odd, but your comfort is what's most important. If it helps, there are many pics of actress Lea Michele in tall pumps with a noticable gap at the heel.