Sizing a Chanel Jacket? What would you do?

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  1. NM is sending me out a jacket to try out (from another state; my local NM doesn't carry Chanel).

    This jacket is a size 40, I wear a 36-38. If I love it I'll clearly resize the piece, so here's my question? What would you gals do (or what have you done?). Should I have my local NM do the job or go to a seamstress (in my small community), who resizes suits for men?

    BTW I'm buying this jacket sight unseen. The SA described it as "out there" with lots of fringe, nero collar, some sheen (not metallic?); oversized pewter buttons with CC's on them; hip length? She said it reminded her of MJ's jackets (she had me there!! Send it out!) I think MJ had fabulous jackets.

    Last the SA said I was either going to love her or hate her over this selection :biggrin:. Yes it was on sale at a fabulous price. Since it's complicated I'm wondering how difficult it will be to take in KWIM?
  2. Can you ask her for photos? Would be easier if she will try it on and take a picture, and ask for her size, from then on you will know if it will fit you or not and how big the alterations needed.
  3. I had a local men's tailor shop alter my Chanel jacket and it came out perfect. If the alterations person is great, that's all it takes. Good luck:tup::search:
  4. Not a bad idea but the jacket is on it's way? I already know it will be too big so I guess when it gets here, I'll take the piece to local NM store and have one of the seamstresses look at it.

    The SA's inform me that these coats have easy alterations, i.e. they are meant to be life long purchases so they can be constructed up 3 sizes or down 3 sizes???

    Has that been some of your experiences ladies with jackets???

  5. Okay! That's what I'm talking about! So your suit coat person locally did a good job, yea!!:yahoo:
  6. I have chanel jackets altered to different sizes. I am normally a 38/40 depending on the jacket and I have had 36 or 42 (bought on sale) and altered to my size. It depends whether you trust the tailor or not. I was fortunate to find one, not at my local NM but she does a fabulous job.
    My chanel SA and NM SA both said that many but not all chanel jackets can altered up/down 2 sizes. I would request pictures if I can.

  7. Yup ITA.

    Most Chanel Jackets can be taken up or down 2 sizes.

    I had my tailor 'shape' my Chanel leather waist-coat (sorry, vest) that needed bust-darts and it was perfect (although I can't find it at the mo - so annoying) but I don't know whether I would have gone to a 'stranger'.

    A Tailor should be fine but I would ask to see some of their work first.

    NM should be used to doing alterations like this so there should be no probs either.

    er, MJ? Do you mean Mark Jacobs or Michael Jackson?

    Mind you if fall Louis Vuitton is anything to go by doesn't really make much difference style wise. :P

  8. I'm laughing MJ is Michale Jackson!

    Today at my local Saks I was trying on the new Fall Jackets and a 40 fit me perfectly??? I had 36's in Chane fit me perfectly? oh oh!

    Any case you gals have really helped. The jacket had such a steep discount I don't mind it being shipped out sight unseen. It'll be easy to return the item at my local NM.
  9. Unless you have already someone you know for a fact is exteremely good at alterarions I would pass on the jacket. I say this because I've had too many lovely items ruined by inexpert tailors!

    After years of such mishaps I finally found a woman last year who is so expert that even when I turn the garment inside out and examine the seams I cannot see the difference between her work and the original! To me she is worth her weight in gold but it was many ruined peices and shoddy workmanship before I found her, and thankfully none of the ruined pieces were as costly as a Chanel jacket.

    (This woman is so good she can do the hidden handstiches used by Michael Kors and Celine in their double faced wool shift dresses and coats - you know where the inside seam looks the same as the outside seam! She's simply amazing and I have no fear having her alter anything because I know her work will be indistinguishable from the original designer stiching. So unless you know someone who is expert at alterations, I'd be leery of trying to alter a CHANEL jacket.

  10. Very impressive. The more I talk to friends and family who buy really expensive clothes, then have them altered, the more I'm finding out about their horror stories.

    Let me state here, up to this point I've loved my little Lucille at Jos A Banks (I think this old country gal is a dying breed); she altered things that I swore no one could do and they looked fabulous in the end, but this is a whole new ballgame a Chanel coat, gulp KWIM.

    So Venusfly the question that begs to be asked? How did you find your fabulous gal? In doing so did you ask particular questions? Did you say to this person, "My coat retailed close to 6000 dollars and are you worthy to work on it"....:P Okay, okay not in those words BUT what words did you use???????????????
  11. I have my jackets sized down at Chanel and never had any problems.
  12. I would suggest bringing in one item to see how good of a job they do - preferably something that would not cause you to to have a heart attack if it was less than a stellar job. Perhaps you could take her another jacket first (not the Chanel) and see how good of a job she did on that jacket - then bring in the Chanel if the work is satisfactory.

    With my current tailor, I started out taking her a Michael Kors double faced wool shift dress ("double faced" because if you turn it inside out the seam looks as finished on the inside as it does on the outside.) I had already gone to several places and been told that the dress could not be altered (what they meant was they did not know how to work with a double faced seam - apparently most tailors are not skilled enough to do this.) I was thrilled when she told me she could alter it and I decided to take a chance on her because she showed me some of her work on a similar seam. When I picked it up it fit perfectly and I could not distiinguish where she had altered it from the original stictching.

    Since she did such as great job on the dress I decided to trust her to cut and shorten the hem on a Burberry (lined) trench (it was mid calf on me and I wanted it to be knee length.) I kept bringing her pieces one at a time and she always did an excellent job each time - I even brought her things that had been poorly tailored by previous tailors of mine and she repaired their shoddy work. So by testing her piece by piece I was able to evaluate how skilled she was and now I routinely have her alter stuff in bulk without fear or worry.

    To answer your other question, in my experience telling a Tailor how much an item costs does not motivate them to take more care with their work - it just gives them an excuse to charge you more money! In my experience, if a tailor is good they immediately recognize the workamnship in designer apparel without you telling them you paid a lot for it.
  13. Wow! I do have a jacket to bring to my taylor; a jacket that I love but not of Chanel quality. I'll prod this Lucille take it in. Perhaps I'll discuss the topic of "double faced" seam with her just to see what she has to say. BTW this jacket does has a double face seam (I would have never looked if you didn't define the term?).

    I learned so much from you gals, (this includes the ladies that have PM'ed me). I relish gleaning from your blunders (for lack of a better word). I adore tPF!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The story continues... the jacket arrives and I instantly loved it. It had all the bells and whistles; dark grey, fringe, hip length, shorter sleeves, big pewter CC WOW.

    BUT even though it fits in the shoulders it's big in the waist and looks a tad to asexual. IOW It needs to be fitted the way I LIKE IT.

    I have an SA searching for a smaller size hopefully she'll find it and send it my way. In the mean time I'll hold on to the (one size bigger) jacket and wait.

    In the end I'll assess. Either way I'll use this seamstress that a Chanel SA highly recommends to alter the larger jacket or smaller one if needed.

    This is BIG WORK you guys but soooo worth it (I think???)???
  15. ^I always get my altered at Chanel for a custom fit. It always look the best if custom fit to my body proportion. My latest jacket went from 38 to 34 and it turned out great. As long as they don't tamper with the chain at the bottom hem, it's fine with me.