Sizes/Prices of Tivoli PM/GM and Palermo PM/GM

  1. For those wanting to know the prices and sizes of Tivoli and Palermo:
    1) Monogram Palermo (Permanent)PM $975 USD 14.6"x11.4"x6.7"GM $1170 USD 17.8"x14.6"x7.9"
    This looks somewhat similar to Damier Saleya but with an added shoulder strap and pleated front (a la Mono Stephen), zippered top, vachetta only on straps

    2) Monogram Tivoli (Permanent)PM $825 14.2"x8.3"x6.3"GM $1050 18.1"x11"x7.9"
    There is a center pleat or ruching in the front; has reinforced bottom and bottom studs (feet); has vachetta T-straps similar to Sac De Nuit except the straps don't go down as far; semi-bowling style shape. Kind of like Speedy and Neverfull mixed in one. I like this one!

    Scarlett is wearing the Tivoli PM.
  2. Thanks for posting. I like both. Are they too smilar to get both?
  3. I don't think so...especially since you can put the Palermo cross body. Plus, I think the Palermo is more of a shoulder bag, while the Tivoli is more of a hand-held (though each could work as both)....endulge!!