Sizes of the Muse

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  1. Hi,

    Probably a stupid question, but I'm totally new to YSL bags ... what sizes of Muse exist?
    I think medium, large and oversize?
    But is there also a baby/small one?

  2. I think you're right. That baby one is so sweet! :girlsigh:
  3. There are two small sizes below the medium size muse. The tuxedo muse is the smallest which is strictly an evening bag, and there is an actual small size that can be used day (with only the bare essentials) or night. Both can only be handheld.
  4. There's small Muse, which is a little bit smaller than the medium size. It can be carried on the shoulder.
  5. The small muse cannot be carried on the shoulder. The medium muse, that most people think is the small muse, can be.
  6. is the medium muse shorter in height than the width? and the large/oversize is longer in height than width am i correct? what is the size that naomi watts has and what is the size that nicky hilton has if anyone knows? sorry for all the questions but i am new to ysl bags and am wanting to get the muse. just trying to compare sizes! :smile:
  7. You should definitely check out the sticky YSL Photo Resource! thread at the top of the page. The first page alone will show you some comparisons in size and the modelling pics in the thread may help, too.

    The Medium is definitely an east-west bag, as is the Large. The Oversize is north-south and a few inches longer than the Large.