Sizes of Silverado hobo?

  1. Is there more than one size of this bag? I tried to do a search, but could not find anything. tia!

  2. In the hobo style, I only know of one size.
    The traditional satchel does come in two sizes.
  3. Ok, that is a new intro into the Silverado Hobo ---- I haven't seen it. Is the sizing correct??
    Has anyone seen this bag in the stores? You might try calling NM or Chloe to verify.
  4. Is that what the silverado bags are going to look like?

    I have seen a medium and a large silverado hobo at Nordstroms but this was last year.
  5. ^^^That is what I am wondering, along with the accuracy of the measurements.
  6. I bought this bag at Nordstrom - the measurements sound right - it is a pretty large bag, but wonderful all the same. I am tall, so it's not too overpowering. It could easily overwhelm a petite person, though.