Sizes of photos

  1. I have my photos hosted at Image Cave and just noticed something today. Maybe I just missed it before ? ? Are our photos compressed and automatically re-sized if they are above a certain size? I posted a photo and it looked like the quality had eroded yet when I looked on Image Cave it was nice and crisp. Just wondering . . . if this is indeed the case, what is the max size where the actual image will show up without compression/re-sizing?

  2. yep, it's resized. this one is a HQ in this size after posting. so, i guess it's the max size. when you click on it, you see it in the original size though.

  3. In order to avoid browser windows being stretched into oblivion by enormously large images displayed in threads, the forum automatically resizes them to 600px width. If you click on the image though, it shows the original sized picture.
  4. bumping this.

    the pics aren't resized anymore, right? or is this only on my computer?
  5. Working on that :tup:
  6. Could we implement a rule of no larger than ________?
    I've had to delete probably a dozen photos in the last 24 hours because they were twice as wide as our page.
  7. No need, I'll put the script in place again that will resize the images automatically.
  8. sweet!
  9. ah, okay, thank you! :smile:
  10. The new image resizer should now be working properly.