Sizes - Jumbo Flap vs. Large Reissue

  1. Ok, I'm still waiting for my Reissue--NM isn't shipping it out until Thursday so I can get my double points! So does anyone have a Jumbo Flap and a large Reissue or is familiar enough with both to share how the sizes compare?

    I've seen a Jumbo Flap and liked the size, but I didn't like the gold hardware. My local NM's SA thought that the Jumbo Flap and Large Reissue were similar in size... Am I going to be disappointed? I know that there was a Jumbo Reissue (228) so maybe that's the size of the Jumbo Flap? Please share any info! Thanks!!!
  2. I had written this down long ago when looking for a reissue:
    large reissue = 226 = 11 x 7.88 x 2.4
    jumbo reissue = 227 = 12.2 x 9 x 2.4

    I went up and measured my jumbo caviar classic and it is: 12 x 8 x 3.5.

    I hope that helps.
  3. Thanks Golden!

    tFS had these measurements:

    $2095: 12.2 x 9 x 2.4
    $2495: 14.2 x 9.8 x 2.6

    I know I'm spending $2095 for mine, so I hope that's the measurements I'm getting since it's compatible to your jumbo!!!

    But it's interesting how your measurements for jumbo are for what tFS people thought was large... But then again, that was when the bag first came out so maybe they didn't have accurate info!

    Found an ebay auction that lists it as 12 x 7 x 3. I hope it's accurate--that's almost the exact same size as your jumbo!!!
  4. The one that is 2495 is HUGEE!! I had the black jumbo (size 227) from Saks when they first came out. It was $2095. I took it back because I felt it was just too big for me. I ended up with the 224 (smallest) in black and use it as my little evening bag. I also had the grey reissue in medium (225) but ended up taking that back because it wasn't quite big enough for me (too small for day and a bit too big for evening). So I think you'll be happy with the large.
  5. I think alot of people confuse the JUMBO Flap from the size down. I notice on Ebay alot of people call bags JUMBO but they are really large. I think the true measurement on the JUMBO FLAP is: 13.5" x 9.5" and 4.5" approx. I know the 13.5" is correct. I went into the boutique and tried on the Large Flap and the JUMBO and there was a major difference. Hope this helps.
  6. The jumbo is just a tad bit bigger than the 227. I have a 227 is and it's the perfect size for me. I'm 5'7. I had a 226 before and thought it was too small, so I think it depends on what you prefer.
  7. I think some people do not realize that 2.55 does not mean reissue. 2.55 is the flap bag. 2.55 REISSUE is the reissue. It gets so confusing!!

  8. My Reissue is coming today Black 227 I CAN'T WAIT... I want the grey also and they are holding one for me at Saks 227 size...Do you think I should get 226 size in gray instead since I will be getting the Black 227 today???
  9. Yes, the large(227) reissue is about the same size as the jumbo classic flap. The small(225) reissue is about the size of the medium classic flap. I have seen these bags side by side to compare sizes ... that's how I decided on picking the large(227) reissue.
  10. Yay! Thanks for the reassurance asl_bebes!!! I saw the jumbo flap and liked the size on me. But decided if it was much smaller, I probably wouldn't be in love with the bag :smile: Now I can be less antsy and the bag will be here Monday!
  11. Why don't you see how you like the size of the 227 first. If you think you could go smaller than a 226 grey could work. I think someone on the forum, can't remember whom though, has 227's in grey and black. She said something about being happy that the bags were different looks even though they're the same size. So it might work for you. Can't wait to see pics of your black one!
  12. Here's a pic to show sizes of the small(225) next to a medium classic flap (pictures courtesy of a fellow TFSer):
  13. ^^Cool! Thanks for the photo side-by-side!
  14. I am glad to see you found 227 wicked.. Congrats:biggrin:
  15. i tried on the jumbo, and it just seemed really big, but i would love it to be an everyday bag... tho it is a bit squarish.. but its chanel! i love their quilted designs!