Sizes for Burberry shoes?

  1. Can someone please let me know if Burberry shoes run true to size.

  2. which style?? in general it's easier if you know the style, if it is open or closed toe. All those things came make a difference, heel size, platform etc....
  3. I'm normally a US 9. I have a pair of pink candy check mules that are a 40. They have about a 3" heel. I also ordered a pair of closed toe mules with a 2.5" heel in a 40, and they fit. I ended up returning them because I didn't like them.

    So I'd say size up :yes:
  4. Hmm, personally I've found them very true to size.
  5. I'd size up. I have a pair of the sandals (rope wedge/leather upper) that I got over the summer...I'm normally a 7 or 7.5 and had to size up to the 9 so my heel didn't hang over. :push:
  6. I'm normally a 6 but had to take a 7 in the check mules...the SA said the some people have to go 2 sizes up.
  7. Ok, I really do not know what to do. I love these Burberry Studded Patent sandles, the ones that wrap around your foot. Have silver studs on them. Now I do not know if their are 2 styles of these one from last season and one from next season as on Net-a-porter they are showing the same shoe but the studs are different, a bit confused. I have seen the older style in mags., and they even have a couple pair on eBay.
    I hit the phones yesterday and was told these shoes do not come in 1/2 sizes, which I find funny, I take as a rule a 39 but go up half a size with Choos and Louboutins so think I should go up to a 39.5. but they are telling me they do not make 1/2 sizes yet they are showing 1/2 sizes on eBay most strange.
    Could someone tell me is their 2 styles to this shoe. Thanks
  8. I have leather ballet flats from Burberry. I usually wear a 6.5 and I have narrow feet. The 6.5 Burberry flat fit me perfectly. but ...I have tried their novacheck ballet flats and the 6.5 was a little tight in the front, whereas, the 7 was a little too long for my foot. So I think sizing for Burberry all depends on the shoe.
  9. Thanks everyone for your help, I found the shoes at Selfridges in a 39.5, so ordered them, they was on sale which is great so saved £180 nearly $400. Might come by post today