Size Soft and chain bag

  1. Does anybody know whether the soft and chain bag comes in other size than large? Thanks a bunch!
  2. yep...It comes in several sizes.....My fave is the med and the large..It also comes in a pouchette too..i got mine at NM.
  3. hi Jill,

    Thanks for your reply. How much is the medium size?
  4. My large was 2350..If u do a search..Im sure the price of the medium is here somewhere...Pouchette was about 950(evening bag size)..Those are the two I bought..not sure about medium..Im thinkin 1950??ANYONE?
  5. DO you think they still make soft and chain?? I haven't seen it in the store lately... Saw those pictures from reference library and they are nice......:tup:
  6. They do still make it. It is part of some boutiques re-order for Fall. I am not sure if the department stores re-ordered. I am on the list for the large black, so I know that size and color are for sure coming, but I am not sure if the other sizes are.
  7. Id call a Chanel store..I did see one at the Chanel store in NJ....They can tell ya if they still have any in stock
  8. Wow, thanks thanks... i actually emailed my SA already, but he hasn't replied... I also wonder in what color they come? So far I only saw white and black... Any idea??? thanks a bunch, ladies!;)
  9. It also comes in a beige color..which IRL looks like a blush color..VERY PRETTY....But like all light colored bags...u need to be careful with!
    I use JILLIAN at the Palm Beach Gardens,FLA chanel store..if u need a great SA.
  10. WOW, Thanks Jill!!!