Size Recognition Quiz! MAM or MAB?

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  1. MAM

  2. MAB

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ladies, I need your eyes. Does this look like a MAM or a MAB?
    Also, what's the official name of this color? AFF says "Silver."


  2. i say mab ...
  3. Judging from how it is worn on the body form, I say its a MAB. Looks like how mine look on me.
  4. Yes, looks like a MAB.
  5. ditto. it looks like a mab
  6. Mab
  7. Its rosegold mab
  8. looks like MAB to me, too
  9. The first pic lead me to believe that it's a MAM, according to how the handles and front flap sits... then when you see it on this stick figure of a mannequin, it appears HUGE, like a MAB would.......
  10. Thanks, Azumie. :tup:
  11. And, where are my manners... Thank you for the responses, ladies!! :heart:
  12. azumie is right on! Its a rosegold Mab
  13. I voted MAM the measurements are that of a MAM.
  14. Pondering this over the night (I know, dedicated LoL), I think it's one of those in-betweeners. I have a White BW that's got the same measurements as the Rosegold on AFF. I'm thinkin' that RM's early MABs were smaller than her recent ones. :thinking:

    Thanks again for your input! :heart:
  15. I voted MAM, Mannequins are VERY tiny and make bags appear bigger than they actually are. I still say this is a MAM.. Just my opinion ;)