size range of CL's - is there a rule(s)?

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  1. I am wondering if there is any variation in what styles are produced in what sizes? For example, at the low and high size ends (eg. 34 and 42, I think?) - does every style appear in these sizes? And if not, is there some way to figure out which ones *were* made in the XS and XL sizes?
  2. Hmm. This might be a more appropriate question for the sizing thread, but this is definitely a good question. My *guess* would be that all styles are made in all sizes to accommodate ladies of every size, but I am not completely sure...

  3. What they make will depend on which stores carry them. For example, Barneys only orders up to a 41, so if they get a color/style combo that no one else orders, that's as high as that combo will go. HTH!
  4. I did not know this! :idea:
  5. Oooh, thank you, good info esp. re: Barneys. Of course my next question is... can anyone tell me any stores (online or bricks and mortar - and any country is OK!) that DO, as a rule, stock the XS and XL sizes? You people with teeny feet and my fellow big-foots, where do you buy your outlier-sizes in CL?
  6. Along the same lines of discussion, I've also wondered should i stick to thinking, 'the higher the heel, the bigger the chance of the model running small'. I say this referring to Pigalles as an example, Banana's, Biancas etc. Yay or nay? What do you girls think?
  7. Not at all.

    I find that in a lot of boots & flats I take a 39 wheras with the very high heels I take a 38.5.
  8. did you mean the opposite? those styles listed run large. but yes i think the higher the heel it's not so much they run smaller, just the pitch pushes your foot forward and you need a snugger fit.
  9. Yes! Sorry - I meant running BIG, not small! Sorry about the typo gals! But you explain it perfectly Erin - with the high pitch pushing the foot forward it does make sense!
  10. i am soo confused with CL sizing...i won 4 pairs and my Love Flats are 40 and fit good, Biancas are 39 and fit good now, Moiras 40 and are too big and Dahlias are 40 and fit perfect
    so i think buying online for me is too much of a risk, i just cant figure out which size i would need for what
  11. I think usually the boutiques carry the widest range, but I'm not sure. Also, it seems like most stores usually carry less of the very small and very large sizes than they do the middle sizes (except when they only get one size run).