size question

  1. does anyone have the dimensions of the east west flap? is it about the same size as a medium flap or smaller or larger? and how much is the difference between a small and medium classic flap. thanks!

    i tried a search and couldn't find it.
  2. The e/w bag is a single flap (outside one only) and holds the same as a medium classic. The chain can be shortened (inside the bag via a swing out bar clasp. The dimensions are 10x5x2. The medium classic's measurements are: 10x6.5x3. I don't have a mini (smallest) classic so I don't know the measurements. Basically the e/w isn't as tall (height) as the classic.
    Hope this helps!
  3. ok, i was a bit off, sorry!:shame:
  4. there's no small? something just a teeny bit smaller than a medium? and thank you SOOOO much for the sizes. so an east west is almost the same as a medium. perfection.
  5. wierdly enough in that thread mic somoene has an ew with a double strap....
  6. Yes. the newest e/w bags have the new chain, not the leather interwoven. Yes, there is a bag smaller than the medium;it's referred to as the mini. It's pretty tiny, imo.