size question...

  1. Oh man you're killing me! My BF has the Vaio in the office but is there a smaller one than the one you just ordered? I think his is smaller than that :shrugs: . I don't have a campeggio here but I do have the andiamo. I think you NEEED an andiamo or maybe a cucciolo :shrugs: The campeggio isn't that big to me anymore.
  2. It might fit in the Campeggio the long way. I have a Sony Vaio notebook FJ-290 I purchased last year and it measures a little larger than the one you had linked and I can squeeze it in my Campeggio, but it's a tight fit at the top where it zips and if I try to place the laptop in the Campeggio with my laptop protection sleeve on it, it won't zipper. Again, as my laptop is a year older, it may be a bit larger than the newer Sony VAIO's, but it's going to be close...
  3. it probably doesn't matter as I'm broke as a joke this week anyway
  4. I agree with TokiliciousJenY, you'd probably be safer with the Andiamo (if you want to use the 1st or 2nd gen Tokidoki prints) or else go to up the Cucciolo. It will definitely fit in the Cucciolo!!!:yes:
  5. but it's a baby bag :yucky: I don't want to have anything to do with babies!
  6. You should look up the dimensions of the campeggio on the Lesportsac website and then compare them to the dimensions of the laptop to see if it will fit.
  7. Oooh, pretty! I think you'll have tons of room with a lil' laptop like the Vaio. I can even fit my 14" nicely in my BV, so I'm very sure you'd have room in the campeggio. That doesn't actually make sense, but someone else on livejournal has a 15" laptop and says it'll fit in a campeggio.
  8. I looked, but it's really close like the Campeggio is an inch bigger or something :shrugs:
  9. But the 13" is diagonal, it's not W x 14" screen is something like 13" by 9", so yours would be more like 12"...

    I'd think.
  10. My amateur (sorry about spelling) answer is that campeggio is gonna give you trouble w/your comp. You're going to be wrestling your bag all the time to get your comp inside safely :boxing: . If I were you, I'd definitely go for the cucciolo! :graucho: Especially since it's a brand new're gonna want to put it in the protective sleeve and everything and you can't jam that into a bag. :shrugs:
  11. Cucciolos are freaking huge, though. GET A BV!

  12. My very average size laptop won't fit in the BV when the laptop is in it's protective sleeve. And I wouldn't want to carry it not in its sleeve....
  13. me neither, knock on wood, altho using the changing pad to make caramellas was a good idea....
    but seriously, knock on wood!
  14. Had a BV, I didn't like it :shrugs: Too unstructured for me. Plus I have shoulder issues so a messenger bag is usually a little easier for me.