size question: trouville v. alma v. deauville

  1. Hi girls, I notice from the showcase threads that many of you have both the trouville and alma, or deauville and alma, or possibly all three! I am trying to get a sense of the relative sizes of each. I have an alma, and am looking at possibly getting either the trouville or deauville.

    It seems to me that the trouville is actually smaller than the alma, and the deauville is larger than the alma. Is this correct? Also, sizes don't tell the whole story, of course: can you fit a lot less stuff in the trouville v. the alma? A lot more stuff in the deauville v. the alma?

    I am also familiar with the sizes of the Saleya PM and the epi Speedy 30, so any comparisons any of you can make relative to trouville/deauville v. those bags would also be helpful.

    I have a feeling that the trouville is going to be too small for me, but the deauville might be too big. I have heard other folks voice this same opinion. I am 5' 5.5" and I do tend to like bigger bags, but I don't want to look like I'm carrying luggage. My epi Speedy 30 is too big for me for that boxy shape, I think -- it is too luggage-like. But I wouldn't want to go any smaller than an Alma or a Saleya PM, for example.

    Thanks in advance for your insight!
  2. Trouville vs Alma: I'd say that they're about the SAME cuz although the trouville's length is smaller it makes up for this by extending vertically up... I don't know if you get it, but like, the Alma you can only put the majority of your stuff near the bottom since the top is quite narrow and it "clamps" shut like a but for the trouville you can completely fill it from bottom to top.

    Deauville vs Alma: deauville's bigger, but you're right, I personally find that it looks like a mini-suitcase

    Saleya PM-->fits about the same as the trouville
    Speedy 30-->about the same as the deauville
  3. I LOVED my deauville. It is a big bag, but I never felt like I was carrying luggage. I think it was my favorite lv ever! The trouville was way too small for me.
  4. I am 168cm (Sorry, we go by metric from where I come from) and the trouville sometimes looks a little small for me but it does work well with the right outfits. Very dainty looking sometimes!

    But I'd prefer the Deauville because I prefer shoulder carry bags and they are handier at keeping documents etc.

    I don't use the Alma much because:
    1. Tapered at the top because of its structure, put too much and if you force it to zip up, your alma ends up looking overstuffed.
    2. The base vachetta is one big helluva stress factor.
    3. Usually gotta dig all the way to the bottom to fish around for something, like a grab bag but that's me cus I throw too much junk in my bags. =^_^=
  5. It's efinately easier to find things in the Deauville with all the pockets and bands. Also ,since it's original intention was to be a makeup bag, it is easy to clean because the surface is wipeable, and much easier to clean than the canvas in the Alma. The Deauville is my personal favorite among the "casual" LV mono bags.
  6. Same here! I love my Deauville AND Alma. I don't feel like I am carrying luggage when i carry my Deauville either. It's quite stylish and no bigger than a large tote really.

    While the Deauville is suppose to be a travelling accessories case, I don't use it as such. I travelled with my Deauville once and it was a PITA b/c it was a heavy and hand held. So I find the Luco to be a much better option for travelling. I wear my Deauville with Jeans and I am good to go.

    The Alma is great and stylish but I am sure it doesn't fit as much as the Trouville as the latter has a Speedy like spacious inside. The Alma, as someone mentioned above, has a clam like shape and is only capable of holding most of the tuff at the bottom (else the top/zipper takes an odd shape). HTH!
  7. I'm also 5'5.5" and have a medium frame. Trouville was one of my first choice for my next bag. It can fit quite a bit. There's four inner pockets that keeps the bag organized, so the center part can fit your bigger items. The Deauville is way too big for me. It might be more use for travel but not for everyday bag. Trouville can carry the same or a lil more than Alma. Bag is too cute to pass up. Tell us which one you decide on. HTH.