Size question from a Bbag newbie, rop

  1. What Bbag style is the closest to the size of a speedy 30?

    Which BBag style is the most popular for an everyday bag?
  2. I don't know about the size closest to a Speedy 30 but the City seems to be the most popular size, followed by the First (Classique). There are many types of bags however. This web site shows the different types of motorcycle bags and their dimensions.
    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    Be careful! You're going to get sucked in like the rest of us!!
  3. I think the city is the most popular size but a lot of people also like the day/hobo. The first is much smaller.
  4. LOL. Thanks for the website. I have so much tolearn about BBags and size is one part that confuses me!! In the "waeraing your babg" thread some bags looks so much bigger than I expected. I need to get myself to NM and see them IRL but I don't think they carry all the styles.

    I am definitely starting to obsess esp since I am disgusted with LV right now.
  5. I thought the city size was going to be huge for me after looking in all the photo's. When I saw it in person I was surprised how much smaller it was then what I had thought. It is a really a nice med sized bag.
  6. I have a speedy 30. I would say that my first is a lot smaller and my city is larger. I actually think the box is the most comparable, although slightly smaller than the speedy 30. I like the size of the box best of all.
  7. I think it might be comparable to a box or a Twiggy, only Twiggy is longer. The City and Twiggy are my favorites. I love some of the others, but no shoulder strap, and I have a thing about dirty handles. I have to have the strap. Plus I like my hands free and my arm gets tired of holding it. I put lots of *stuff* in my bags so I prefer shoulder bags. I have the strap for all of my LV's except for the multi colors.

  8. Looking at some more pics and drawing out the dimensions of some of the styles I think i agree with you - City or Twiggy would work best. Thanks!!
  9. And because those bags slouches and don't have a strict frame IMO they look smaller. A speedy 30 looks like luggage on me but I have the work besides some sities and it's much bigger than the speedy it doesn't overwhelme my frame.
    May I asked why you're dicusted with LV?
  10. :yahoo: yeah Virgo come to the Balenciaga side - you'll LOVE it here!!! :graucho:

    Sizes - umm, really depends how much you carry each day - quite a lot of people enjoy using the CITY size. Thats always a good size to start off with. I have BLACK City and a MONO 30 Speedy - I reckon they roughly hold the same amount of stuff... good luck on what you decide to get! :graucho:
  11. What does "rop" mean? Nevermind....I found out you mean "read on please" by searching your previous messages and finding where someone else asked you.
  12. I have recently crossed over from LV, so I can totally relate...

    I think the Box is around the same size and shape as a Speedy, it's 11.5x6.8x5, and a Speedy 25 is 10x7x6. The Twiggy is a little longer.

    I just got my first Bbag last week and it's a City, which is an excellent size. As meemie said upthread, I expected it to be a little too big, but it isn't at all. I highly recommend it for your first Balenciaga, if you carry more than just essentials. The most remarkable thing (other than the soft leather and color, hehehe) is its light weight - even full of stuff, it doesn't weigh anything! I don't know how they do that!

    Be careful...I just ordered my second City, and I already have my eye on a third! Balenciaga is easily as addicting as LV, and just as expensive.
  13. any of you know which is the "city arena" model ..?