SIZE QUES So sad AGAIN about inclusion.The lady told me there would be a GM, but alas

  1. when i had called last week the SA told me they would be comming out with an Aramate GM inclusion bracelet. And now after talking to another...looks like its not true.

    so sad.

    and also....for the Pm idk if i would be a small or a med.

    i have a pretty small wrist...but i wanna be able to get it over my hand! how small is the small??

    the only bracelet i currently wear is the tiffanys one thats just like all those silver balls. and i can slip that on over my hand. I dont have to undo the small??

    please let me know!
  2. The small has a 2.25 inch diameter while the medium has a 2.5 :smile: I've posted up comparison pics somewhere, in the reference section I think, so look there for more info. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank you for saying that. I was waiting for the GM too and my DH just talked to our SA and she said she didn't think they were coming out with it either. So thanks for the info. Seems like it is confirmed. Sorry about the sizing, as I can't help you with that.
  4. yeah i looked at it...but im still confused.Plus im trying to buy a beige GM & PM from a reseller...and i dont know if those will be smalls or mediums. and i want them all to be the same size.

    ahhhhhh im going crazy here!
  5. i know! it woulda looked sooo hott in a GM. That deep purple like that! geez. I never have good luck with this inclusion nonsense.

  6. The beige PMs only came in medium. The smaller size was only introduced in the more recent collections (pomme, transparent, and amarente).
  7. ohhh...nice. thanks elle. I LOVE your collection btw. I would like have a heart attack if i had all those. Too Gorgeous for words!

    I hope everything goes through fine with my beiges.
  8. The small size is very tiny. I am pretty petite and I could not get it over my hand. In my opinion it looks like it's for a child.
  9. thanks jane. that helps a lot. MED it is then! lol.