Size on the city!

  1. I've been in love with the city for as long as I can ramember, and now it's super cheap in ivory on diabro! But how is the size on this, can I wear it over my shoulder from the handles? :heart:

    anyone got pictures of theirs?
  2. yes, you can wear the handles on the shoulders but it's not the most comfortable, not to me. i'm petite; skinny to some people. i only wear the handles when the bag's not too stuffed, and usually one handle would come off anyway. i also wear the shoulder strap when the bag's not too stuffed. there're plenty of threads in the main forum where you can read more opinions. some people prefer the Day and i get why. i've also read that some're used to the City so they don't like the Day.
  3. You can fit the handles on your shoulders if you have skinny shoulders but like glossie said, it's not very comfortable. I prefer to use the shoulder strap :yes:
  4. i do have a lousy picture for reference. pardon the bits on the mirror.