Size of Vanessa Hudgens' Miu Miu Vitello Bow Bag

  1. Hello all! I was wondering if anyone knew what size Vanessa Hudgens' Miu Miu bow bag was? I read on here somewhere that there are now only two sizes the small, which was formerly the medium size and the large, but i'm not sure which one she carries.
  2. Yes, I definately agree with that. So the medium and large are the only two sizes made for this bag then?
  3. I'm not sure... for what i've seen yes. I think they might have a smaller one in the older collections but I'm really not sure.
  4. [​IMG]

    Just want to comfirm is this a allumino grey?
  5. It's definitely the medium.
  6. Yes.
  7. ^^ color seems a bit off.. are you sure?? I've seen it IRL and it was a lot more grey like this:

  8. awong10, what is the colour for this? Allumino too?? i confuse nw
  9. Yes, that's alluminio. Didn't your bag come with a tag with the color of the bag?
  10. They're both allumino, it just depends on the lighting. It can look taupe-ish, like the first picture.
  11. hm... this allumino is nice too....... dont know which to get.. the Talco or this grey
  12. she has the smaller one im sure
  13. how much is the bag?? it's sooo lovely!!!