Size of Tiffany Mini Open Heart Charm Pendants - has anyone seen them?

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  1. I was just browsing the Tiffany's site and came across this:

    Has anyone seen this in person or tried it on? Is it super tiny or does it look ok? I have a silver open heart in the "small" size (I think it's the small at least. It measures 1/2" height and 5/8" across) and the size is great so I am just wondering how much smaller is the mini and if it would look alright. Is the mini the same size as the crysal/gemstone open hearts they came out with earlier?
    Thanks much!
  2. I believe the mini is just about the size of the gemstone ones... about the size of my thumbnail (bear in mind my thumb is a size 7). :smile:
  3. I would love to get the rose gold one. I saw them briefly at tiffany and they are quite mini. I would love to see if anyone has pictures. If I had to guess I think they are 15mm or smaller.
  4. I got my friend that for her birthday but in silver and it is small but not tiny, good size if you are petite!
  5. i have the mini one. and it i think it is a good size, but it definitely is pretty tiny.
  6. ^ Do you wear the mini on its own or in addition to something else? I'm debating if the mini would be too small to wear on its own. Thanks much! =)
  7. I love the rose gold one also but I'm not sure if it would look alrighjt on the gold chain. Too bad they dont make a rose gold chain.:love: