Size of the Vernis Key and Change holder

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm looking on elux and I wanted to know the round-a-bout size of the Vernis Key and Change Holder (I call it a cles but I don't think it's an official CLES).

    I have the perfo cles and I know that's bigger than most but....will the vernis one hold my ID and CC cards???

    Looks so darn small on elux!

  2. I could fit like 6 cards and some change in my vernis if wanted to. but I just hold my school id and pass cards in there
  3. I've got five cards (and a band-aid :upsidedown: ) in my vernis cles right now
  4. The vernis cles is a little tighter than the others but you can still fit in a nice amount of cards and money.