Size? of the rock and chain vs baby cabas?

  1. Cay someone please tell me the size of the Rock and chain in large and vs the size of the baby cabas?
    I really want the original cabas style ( not even sure if that is what it is called-the leather with the CC on it) but I guess it is impossible to find. So then I thought the baby cabas in leather vs denim.... I was sure I was going to get the denim until I started to see more pictures here. (ENABLERS you all are...:yahoo: ) So now seeing Jill's rock and chain I am in love with that style too. I think the rock and chain slouch appeals to me more than the baby cabas but I would be happy with either of them.
    If I knew the size of the rock and chain it would help.
    Thanks so much.:smile:
  2. I went to pick up my denim cabas-and than I took home the rock and chain like jill has instead. I love them both. If you don't have the cabas already than I suggest the denim cabas-its adorable in person. I passed on it because I already have the original. Its a big bag and holds alot and great for the summer. I may have my SA get one for me eventually.
    The cabas is bigger-the Rock and Chain i would compare to the size of the baby cabas. Also the shape is completely different. I can put my Rock and Chain inside my cabas if that helps.