Size of the large Tribute

  1. Nanaz asked me about the size of my Tribute and as I couldn't figure out how to attach pictures to a private message here my photos. The bag is about 40cm x 42cm...also, if anyone wants to enlighten me as to how to attach pics to messages i would be so grateful :confused1:
    Tribute_size_2007(1).JPG Tribute_size_2007(2).JPG Tribute_size_2007(3).JPG
  2. ooh Victoire that bag is stunning on you, I really love it!

    I think when you send a PM, there's a button to go to advanced features and then you can attach there. I could be wrong.
  3. You just made me love that bag even more! On for the hunt of the elusive tote (as of late at least). How did these all of the sudden become so hard to find??
  4. OMG girl you look awsome with that bag.:nuts: I am so happy that i ordered the Large size.:yahoo: I should be getting mine soon. :yahoo:Thank you so much for the pics.:heart:
  5. Gorgeous!!!!! Perfect size for you. :yes: I love the large Tribute tote. It oozes chic!
  6. The large tribute looks great on you!

    Congrats! :woohoo:

    (Now I want one!)
  7. congrats! you looks gorgeous with your tribute.
  8. Victoire, I hope you don't mind me asking- what was the price? I can't find any info about the large.
  9. Looks Wonderful on you!
  10. The large patent one is $1395. You can still get it from YSL boutique in NY. :yes:Ask for Carlo.:tup:
  11. it's beautiful and it looks stunning on you! thanks for posting!
  12. Congratulations Victoire. Absolutely stunning!

  13. I bought mine in the UK, it's GBP840 here, so just think if you are buying it in the US you are saving like $300 ....
  14. Thank you all for being so nice about my bag!
  15. Love the bag on you Victoire :heart:
    I just ordered mine from London! :yahoo:

    The price difference is incredible! Nine times out of ten UK prices are way higher than US or Europe......not fair :crybaby: