Size of the first outside pocket?

  1. Hi, if anyone has both a first and a city, what is the difference in the size of the outiside pocket or are they the same? I put my LV ludlow wallet in the outside pocket of my city. I wouldn't be able to do that in a first, right? TIA. I've been debating whether to get another city or a first for a looong time, but I still can't decide!:wtf:
  2. Keys barely fit in the pockets of the first :shame:
  3. Ok, now I'm leaning towards a city because I find that outside pocket very useful. Thanks.
  4. I can fit my Porte Monnaie (The smaller discontinued one) in my front pocket of my First. I'm loving the first :love:- I think it is the perfect bag for shopping, nights out etc. It looks so good over the arm - and fits all the essentials!!
  5. I've always felt that the outside and inside pockets of my Cities and my First are the same :confused1:

    I was actually surprised when I received my 1st City that the pockets weren't larger... not that I really care as I rarely use them.
  6. the outside pocket of the first is large enough to carry a mobile phone but not much else imo.
  7. That's interesting to hear that they are the same.
  8. Actually the City's pockets are slightly bigger - check out the thread in the post above. :smile: