Size of Speedy, etc and body size.

  1. Since I first encountered tpf. I've read so many threads asking opinions about what size of Speedy to purchase....anyway my best friend (who is a guy) told me about something he had heard on a radio program regarding bag size. It's not only your height you have to consider, it's your build. If you are even just a little overweight, a small bag will make you look bigger, so I guess carrying a larger bag will make you look smaller. He did not tell me where he heard this, he just thought I would be interested. So I'm sharing, because you know, someone is going to might help someone.
  2. Uh oh - what to do with my two speedy 25s? Just kidding!
    I'm not skinny, but I like the 30 in monogram, but the 25 in Damier. To me the Damier looks like luggage in the 30 - I think if you compare the two together, you might want the bigger one, but when I take my 25 to another store (like Burberry or Kate Spade) - my 25 looks plenty big (holds lots). I don't get the feeling it looks too small for me (at least I sure hope not!)
  3. Well, I bought the 25 because the 30 just seems like I'm carrying luggage. I'm also 5'0 and 108 lbs - large bags look ridiculous on me !

  4. :yes: Yes, I've also heard this and it makes perfect visual sense, a too small bag on a bigger person or a too large bag on a smaller person will look kind of silly either way IMO so def. go with this in your mind as you decide on a bag!! :idea:
  5. I just got my mono 25 a couple of days ago. I love it. I am 5'3 - the 30 just seemed big for me. I can fit all my stuff in the 25 and then some. You really have to just go to the store and play with both of them.
  6. i agree. everytime i help someone buy their "mom" a gift i always ask about their height/weight, and where the weight mainly is. lol
  7. i just got an epi 25 and a damier 30. i'm a little on the heavy side right now and i have to say the 30 looks better.
  8. The only "myth" I believe is black is slimming :P :shame: .I guess we will hear soon big bag is slimming.
    I know I personally don't like carry around big bag. I am small bag kinda girl plus I don't carry that much in my bag. Darn it, I have to carry around keepall now.
  9. I like bigger bags mainly because I carry so much junk! That is my main consideration.
  10. I have the speedy mono 25. For me the 30 was just too big. I dont like to carry big bags. I am about 5'6 and average build.
  11. I love big bags and I am such a small person. I don't think it looks too bad. Here's a picture of me and my Perfo Speedy 30:

  12. It really doesn't matter to me, but I don't carry too much, so there's not really much need for a larger bag. I like the speedy 25 and 30; both bags look good on me imo. I'm 5'5 and 120 pounds.
  13. If your 5'5" and 120 the 30 will look perfect on you!
  14. 5'1,110 lbs and athletic (sounds like a personals ad!) and Im in love with my speedy 30! 25 is harder to get in and out of, and with a purseket in it, that bag is MAGIC! like.... Mary Poppins with STYLE!, and functionality, and class and.....
  15. ^ that was cute!