size of small soho hobo

  1. The coach wedsite bag scaler never works. How do ya'll feel about the size of the small hobo? I like smaller bags but I am not sure about soho. Thanks
  2. They are usually snug under the underarm. I have 2 hobos, in the ladybug hobo I can't fit much but my checkbook, wallet, miniskinny & that's pretty much it & in the spring patchwork one I can fit alot all that I've mentioned & keys, cell phone, a bunch of little things.

    I just recently bought a bigger hobo & I don't think I'll go back to the smaller ones. The larger ones are perfect!
  3. I have a small soho hobo flap thingy, and it fits my cellphone, long ralph lauren wallet and that's about it. I could probably cram my digital camera in there too, since it's small. Mom was right; I should have gotten the bigger one. :P
  4. i think the small is too small for most people. i tried it on because i was being cheap and didn't want to pay for the larger, but there is no way i would have been happy with that small one. i like to have a little extra room for stuff and that didn't allow me to even fit all my regular stuff in there.
    the larger one is nicer, imo. i think it looks better on, too.
  5. I don't own any small hobo cause I prefer the large bags.
  6. I own 4 soho hobos and I fit a skinny/cardcase my cell phone, comfact, lip gloss, car keys. But sunglasses won't fit.:sad:
  7. Depends on what you carry. I love my small hobo. I own the leather/braid strap. I carry a small lv wallet, card case, 2 sets of keys, tissues, small makeup and cell. There is still a little more room.
  8. serendipity3kb---Can you post a picture of your leather/braid strap bag? Thanks so much!
  9. I have the small signature hobo...its pretty compact. Plus, I dont like carrying a ton of stuff around. Like the others say, mine fits a cellphoe, wallet, mini skinny and some makeup....I've never had any trouble with the bag scaler, but it is always really slow.
  10. Hi, I just sold my black soho small hobo on Ebay last week because I think it is the most annoying bag to have!! It doesn't sit up by itself and you can't fumble through it easily to get stuff. The lightweight leather also scratched really easily (not in a good way like the new Legacy leather). I don't recommend this at all. It is not comfortable on the shoulder w/ the buckle either. Hope this helps..
  11. hey, can anyone with small hobos post picture of the bag on your shoulder? please!!! i really wanna see how big it is and how it really looks like. i dont have coach store over here so i couldn't try it. please help. thanks a bunch!
  12. I'll take pics tonight (working now) & I'll post tonight or early tomorrow morning.