Size of scarf for size of birkin

  1. I'd like a pretty scarf to tie to my black birkin 35 to lighten it up for the spring...what size scarf is the right proportion for a 35?

    Now, hypothetically, if I were to obtain a 30cm Birkin, what size is the best for that?
  2. I believe the scarves only come in one size RC - 36"x36"

    So, I would go with a pocket square for your 35cm Birkin! This size would also be perfect on a 30cm too!!!
  3. Thanks Pelinka--so the pocket square is the one to tie on a bag and it isn't referred to as a scarf?
    I really have to learn the Hermes lingo to hang here!!
  4. Hi Rockerchic,

    I think either a pochette scarf ( 16x 16) or a full size scarf would work. The full size scarf would hang a bit below the bottom of the birkin unless you tied it more than once.
  5. Yep, you got it! And the smaller ones are called "twilly" :heart: Hope this helps. ;)
  6. ^^Ok girls!! I am armed with info to buy my first Hermes pocket square and twilly!
  7. I tie pocket squares onto my bags........pocket squares for my bag and regular scarves for my neck.
  8. I've seen people tying pocket squares onto Shoulder Birkin and twilly onto 30cm. Both look great
  9. RC, I tie regular size scarves on my bags - I don't own very many pochettes.

    Here is a 90 x 90 carre on my 35 Birkin. I also do the 90 x 90 on my 32 Kelly, my 31 Bolide and my shoulder H bags.
    Chamonix Birkin1.JPG
  10. I wish I could help you...
    But I haven't my black birkin yet to try my Plissés scarves on it ;)
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  12. :shrugs: :graucho: :graucho:
  13. I've tied a pocket square to my small Trim and large 35cm Birkin and it works perfectly for both! So does a Twilly. :smile:

  14. Oh grand fonds, that is such a beauty!!!!:heart:
  15. Jag and Rose,
    :busted ........