Size of Rosemary?

  1. Hi all,

    Would a kind Rosemary owner be able to give me the dimensions of this bag, please? Thank you :flowers:
  2. I will, as best I can :yes:

    The dimensions are approx -
    27.5 cm long
    14 cm depth
    17 cm height

    Hope this helps agirlinwinter... are you going to get one do you think? Its a fantastic bag :tup:
  3. I have a black Rosemary that I sent for sale to a consignment place because I want to fund more Mulberry purchases. I loved the Rosemary -- fits everything and has that great slouchy look. I just want the bigger Roxy. But Rosemary is a GREAT bag. Especially the shoulder strap.
  4. Thanks ladies. I am considering it, but need to save up first.