Size of Palermo GM vs. Neverfull MM (fully open)?

  1. I've poured over pictures and read all the posts after doing a search, and it looks and sounds like the Palermo GM is similar in size to the Neverfull MM when the drawstrings are left open (not when they're cinched). Does anyone have these two bags (or has anyone had the opportunity to compare them). Is this accurate? However, if the Palermo GM is a LOT bigger than the Neverfull MM when fully open, it's going to be too big for me b/c I bought and returned the Neverfull GM due to its size. I actually liked the size of the GM when it was cinched, but fully open it was wayyyy too big for me.

    Can anyone compare them? Thanks so much!
  2. Just bumping for the morning crowd.
  3. I like big bags, but found the Palermo GM is huge. At least with the Neverfull you can clinch the sizes to make it appear smaller