Size of men's pullover hoodies compared to women's tees?

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  1. I really really want the adios "ribs" pullover hoody, but it only seems to come in men's sizes. I would normally buy a men's small -- but I would also normally wear a women's medium and I had to buy XL Toki tees because they're so tiny.

    I've seen websites that say the men's pullovers "run true to size" -- can anyone confirm that? Are the pullover hoodies sized any differently from the zips? What size men's hoody would you recommend for someone who wears an XL women's toki tee? :confused1:

    Oh, and does anyone know of a store that carries them, I've only seen them on eBay and most of the online stores I've checked don't seem to carry that one. :sad:

    TIA for any help!
  2. I wear an XL Toki womens tee. I think the rib sweatshirt is cute as well. Although I'm not crazy about the ribs, I do like Adios brushing his teeth on the back. I also have the adios and ciao ciao tee in mens in a large and that fits well. So if I had to pick a size I would go with a mens large or XL hoodie. I like them a little big anyway.