size of medium ultimate soft?

  1. hi everyone,

    would anyone happen to know the dimensions to the medium sized ultimate soft? i saw one up on auction previously but the dimensions seemed kinda small (about 10inches width and 6inches height), so i'm not sure if it was the medium ultimate soft in that auction or a smaller version.

    additionally, has anyone seen one in their local stores recently? a very kind PFer pointed me in the direction of the ala moana chanel in hawaii, but after reserving one it turns out that the last one i reserved was badly stained (it had spots all over it apparently) and my local chanel (uk) is out of stock too. the SA in london i called even claimed that they're sold out of it in europe. :sad: i've only ever seen it on eBay once but the price for it was pretty inflated (a good $400 above retail). i'm pretty much bummed out now, since the bag was supposed to be a belated christmas present to myself (after another bag i wanted was out of stock at NM) and also the last bag i'd get before my impending purse ban. :crybaby:

    TIA for all the help! :heart:
  2. The medium is about 12 X8. I had it and returned it but I remember the inside being quite roomy for a large wallet, cell phone, perhaps a sunglasses case, and small cosmetic bag. It is more medium to large versus small to medium.
  3. thanks for the info roey! did you happen to return yours recently? i'm pretty bent on finding one, but i've not been getting the best of luck in finding one.
  4. zerodross, try Gail at Saks' Chanel in Beverly Hills. I bought mine 2-3 months ago and she said she had 3 in stock at the time. She's willing to look it up and locate one for your elsewhere too!
  5. ^^ thanks for the info absolutanne! would you happen to know if Saks ships overseas (since i'm in the UK)? i know the last time i ordered something from their website, i had to send it to my friend in NY.
  6. I don't know that for sure. But I know NM does and makes me think why Saks wouldn't-they're both direct competitors. Call Gail and she'll be able to tell you, she's an elderly lady who may had experience sending items overseas because she does work in the Beverly Hills area (lots of tourists, wealthy foreign people, etc.). Goodluck! I hope you get yours soon! I haven't touched mine in 2 wks. It'll pop out this weekend. :p
  7. Hi...

    I just got mine today from Saks Fifth @ Denver, Colorado. I ordered it on Tuesday and had it shipped to SF. I bought the beige one (don't know if they had more in beige), but they said they had it in black when I spoke to the SA. Maybe they still have it....good luck....
  8. Denise Junell at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle might still have the one I returned: 206-628-1397.
  9. ^^thanks so much ladies!
    I'll be ringing up those stores. :biggrin:
  10. This is a great bag. They had one in black at my NM before Christmas. It has been sold since. Sigh! I wish I could afford to buy them all.