Size of LV Speedy 30

  1. Hi, does anyone know the actual dimension of a speedy 30? I just bought a Speedy 30, epi leather, from the LV boutique in Brussels and it measures 33 x 26 x 17.5 cm while the LV website indicates 30 x 21 x 17 cm.

    Also, the lock that came with it doesn't look good. The last 3 alphabets from 'VUITTON' looks more 'bold-typeface' and the 'S' from 'PARIS' also looks 'bold' as compared with the other alphabets. :tdown: It doesn't look authentic, but since I bought it at the LV boutique at 655 euros - it must be authentic, right? Could someone advise what I should do? Go back and ask for an exchange? It's indicated on the receipt that I can exchange within 30 days. Please help. Thank you for all your support. :heart:
  2. I would recommend taking pictures and posting them on the "Authenticate This" Sub-Forum.

    If you purchased it directly at the boutique, I wouldn't imagine you would have any need to worry, but the experts in the Authenticate This thread will help you out. :yes:
  3. Thanks for your advice. I have submitted some photos on the Authenticate This LV site. More comments are welcome. :amuse:
  4. i have heard others say that the epi speedy is slightly larger...
    about the lock, just take it back and ask for another one.