Size of Katie Holmes's Hermes??

  1. Hi Just Wondering what size Katie Holmes Birkin (? i think ?) is?? i absolutly LOVE it!!!

  2. Is that a 50?
  3. I think the size is mentioned in the Stars and Hermes thread! Goodluck!
  4. i love it !:love: would be very expensive though at that size. but it's still beautiful i love big bags!
  5. I love it too... talk about getting noticed for your handbag!! Wonder if she will start a new trend of using huge huge bags for everyday use?

  6. hopefully! i think the look of an oversized handbag as an everyday bag is to die for!
  7. It's a 50cm and boy, are they heavy. Used to own one and had to let it go.... Just not practical unless it's somebody else carrying your bag...:p
  8. I believe it is a HAC 40.
  9. how much do they retail for if you don't mind me asking?
  10. 40cm HAC.....
  11. sorry to be ignorant but whats HAC? :shame:
  12. I *think* she may have bought that at that store (Maxfields) that she is exiting since last time I was in there they had one very similar to this.
  13. I love it....maybe that is Tom's sleeping bag?
  14. Haut au Courries :smile:
  15. I believe it was custom made to fit Katie in the event she needs to hide from Tom.