size of julianne


Mar 9, 2008
for those of you who own julianne, what bag would you find the size comparable to? large carly?? slim carly?? i own the large sabrina and was thinking about julianne but was worried that the square size would feel too large. thanks in advance!
I have the Julianne, (just ordered my 2nd) and I own the Sabrina, and the large Carly, and a Gigi, and a...oh sorry, going off on a tangent there:P
Okay out of all my bags I truly love the Julianne best! Comparable to large Carly, yes, but not as heavy! I love the size, but I should mention that I do not like small bags either, I would describe this as a "good size" to both wear on the arm, and on the shoulder.


Aug 2, 2008
i own julianne and i adore her yes she is square but she rounds out a bit after u carry her for awhile if that makes any sense at all...i ABSOULTEY ADORE HER! SHE IS THE BEST BAG COACH HAS EVER MADE! HTH..u can organize her well and your things won't get lost..there is no black hole effect with


Jul 31, 2008
The Julianne is IMO a very roomy bag...I posted this pic when I first got mine and she is not that much smaller than a Gigi...However, she has a zip top and a crossbody strap, which make her so much more versatile. I love my Espresso Julianne and wear her proudly and often. HTH!