Size of Jessica's Speedy


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
Jessica Simpson has a ton of LV:love: , but does anyone have an idea of what size this speedy is? It looks kinda old to me, from the sagging, or maybe it just isn't too full.
Kellybag said:
JS seems to carry many oversized bags. They even appear empty as well. It is the oversized craze.

Too true.
My friend carries a giant Gucci hobo, she carries a wee little wallet and her cell phone. That's it. It is utterly ridiculous for her to have such a large bag.
I don't like the size of her speedy but she looks SO cute in this pic! I love her hair like this and the outfit is super cute!

I think she's carrying a few things in her bag that are very heavy. So, they cause the bag to sag. But it does look empty.
I don't know the real size, but that looks way too big for an every-day bag! Plus you have to fill it up to make it look full, but then it gets super heavy! I prefer the smaller-sized speedy :smile:
I believe it is a 30 too, trying to squint at the LV placement!

I think it looks so huge because a) she doesn't have much in it
b) what is in it is really heavy and causing major sag.

I have seen her with a 30 before too.