Size of Jessica's Speedy

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  1. Jessica Simpson has a ton of LV:love: , but does anyone have an idea of what size this speedy is? It looks kinda old to me, from the sagging, or maybe it just isn't too full.
  2. i'm going to guess 40. it looks huuuuge.
  3. yeah, its a bit too big for an everyday bag for me, and i take half my house with me!
  4. Way too big for her. It looks practically empty anyway!
  5. JS seems to carry many oversized bags. They even appear empty as well. It is the oversized craze.
  6. Too true.
    My friend carries a giant Gucci hobo, she carries a wee little wallet and her cell phone. That's it. It is utterly ridiculous for her to have such a large bag.
  7. I don't like the size of her speedy but she looks SO cute in this pic! I love her hair like this and the outfit is super cute!

    I think she's carrying a few things in her bag that are very heavy. So, they cause the bag to sag. But it does look empty.
  8. I don't know the real size, but that looks way too big for an every-day bag! Plus you have to fill it up to make it look full, but then it gets super heavy! I prefer the smaller-sized speedy :smile:
  9. i love it
  10. LOL@JS empty speedy, but she does look really cute in this photo.
  11. It's hard to see in that picture, I'm going to say it's a 30 because I've seen her with 30s before and plus, she's really tiny.
  12. I believe it is a 30 too, trying to squint at the LV placement!

    I think it looks so huge because a) she doesn't have much in it
    b) what is in it is really heavy and causing major sag.

    I have seen her with a 30 before too.
  13. She is carrying this bag in the latest issue of USWeekly. Huge photo of her and of the bag. I love big bags.
  14. Here is an EXTRA LARGE pic of it!!!
  15. Ok, looking at that large pic (thank you) I am completely wrong! LOL

    That looks like the 35 to me. Am I right???