Size of Epi Pochettes?

  1. Hello everyone! I was wondering if the older version of the epi pochette was smaller than the newer version (with the separate d-ring)? I had two pochettes, one made in 1997 and the other made in 2001. The one made in 97 seems to be smaller? Is this correct or is one of the bags fake? Thank you!
  2. I do think that the newer style (with the strap NOT attached to the zipper) is a little larger. AT least, that's what let-trade's listings make me think. He sometimes call the newer style the "large" epi pochette.
  3. Thanks Karman! I have been checking other listings as well and it does seem to be the case.
  4. No problem! :flowers:
    The Epi pochettes now already seem small enough...I've never actually seen the older ones IRL...can't imagine how small those are!
  5. I saw that and wondered what he was talking about! Haha.
  6. The older ones seem to be one inch smaller in width. I had two and sold my black one that had the strap attached to the zipper. The buyer questioned why it was smaller than her newer epi.
  7. ^^Oops, I meant length is shorter.