Size of Diamond Stud Earrings

  1. What is an appropriate size for a classic pair of diamond stud earrings?
  2. I wouldn't do more than a carat on each ear, personally.
  3. It really depends onthe person, some prefer 1/2 carat others prefer 4 carat. :smile:
  4. what are your preferences?
    Are you young and may want to upgrade later?
    Do you not care about upgrading and you want a conservative size to keep as a staple?

    I have about 3/4 carats per ear now and DH wants to upgrade them. We'll probably go to 1 carat or just over soon.
    The .5 to .75 are actually pretty decent sizes.
  5. Yes! I think that around a carat can work for social and professional occasions.
  6. Well, to tell you the truth, I'm 47. I just bought a pair of diamond studs that are 1.25 per each ear. I'm not sure if I'll feel later that they are too small. I'm worried that I might get used to the size. I wear classic, simple clothing and don't want anything too large. Maybe the size I bought is too large?
  7. I just want to spend money on one pair and not keep upgrading.
  8. 1.35 isn't too big IMO . . . also, carat weight can be fuzzy because of teh dimensions. 1 full carat can look bigger if it's not deep and has a bigger table than average. Vice versa, .75 can look like .50 carat if it's too deep and the table isn't big.

    We tend to want to trade up on things at my house. . . can be bad sometimes! LOL!
    I'd actually REALLY like 2 carats each!
  9. I got mine from and they are GREAT

    I have 1.25 VS2s and I love them. They also have a great tradeup policy.
  10. i think there's no "appropriate" size. its actually depends on the person.

    for me, its 50 pts per stone. good enough to wear daily w/ jeans or anything a little dressier.
  11. To each her own, but I think there's always an appropriate style. If you're hob-nobbing with movie stars, 5 carats on each year is "appropriate." If you're an investment banker, you probably are not going to wear those 5 carat earrings to the office. You'd certainly enjoy them on your off hours, though!
  12. My everyday are .50 each total 1.c round cut. Then I have 1.5 each total 3.c Asscher for days when bigger is better. Both pairs set in Platinum
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  13. i think they are just fine. i think anything up to 3 carat is fine for everyday if it fits your height (yes height is important with jewelry)

    personally i do not own any studs as i prefer my earring more well longer danglin and bigger (hoops is the most casual thing i do :lol: )
  14. Normally I agree with this but if you are in M&A you may have to wear 5 carats to get the upper hand. The very rare ladies who are in M&A in my place buys big round cut diamond studs for this purpose (because necklaces, rings and watches are too obvious;)). It's a bit like the men showing off bigger watches to outdo each other :lol: .

    However since I'm not in M&A, my best effort is 2 carat (on each side) F, VS1 but to be honest it's a bit redundant and I don't wear it often because on most occassions that allow you to show that much bling, you go for more ornate designs which are more effective for the WOW factor.

    So I think probably your original thought is about right and I would not go over 1.5 for everyday use.
  15. rrrrright my dear :flowers: