Size of Bayswater?

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  1. The Mulberry website list the Bayswater size as being 26.5cm X 36cm X 16.5 cm. How can this be correct? Is it really 6.5 inches wide?

    I did a search for the size and some of the pictures in the threads were helpful, but I am worried that the measurements listed are incorrect.

    I am also wondering if anyone has actually used one to carry a laptop?
  2. Morning purly,

    Mulberry website is not good for details I agree. The dimension is correct at the bottom of the bag but Bayswater has strap with buckles inside/alongside of the top so that you can adjust. If you look at and click any Bayswater, from the leftside you can choose inside view. (Some e-bay sellers show the similar pictures but quite a few fakes there as you know...)

    As for the laptop, it's depends on the size. Traditional (?) size would be tricky expecially if you want put usual wallet/cosmetics etc as well. Slimmer/notebook type would be no problem but mind you it's not padded for computer - depends what kind of transport you usually use.

    There were one recent thread about Laptop bag in this forum as well, if you search.

    Hope it helps a little.
  3. Thanks ratrat! I think I have to just go to a Mulberry store and check them out in person. I adore the look, so I'll probably cave and get one even if it doesn't work. lol