Size of bangle......

  1. :sos:

    Ok guys......anyone know if the circumference of the PM size Hermes bangle is 2-5/8"??????

    HELP! Time is of the essence!!!!! (not really but it sounds good......);)
  2. no, that might be the diameter though? circumference is around 7"
  3. Shopmom,

    Circumference is 8.1 inches

    Diameter is 2.58

    width is 1/3 inch
  4. Diameter----across the middle, where your lovely wrist goes.

    PM is 2 5/8. Yes. 6.5 cm. (decimally, that is 2.559)
    GM is 7.0 cm, roughly 2 7/8 (decimally that is 2.755)

    Whatcha got cookin?????
  5. THANK YOU! This was a question for a friend of mine......:flowers:
  6. Speaking of bloody store is still hunting that black bracelet you were interested in...they had every combo except the one you wanted (black with pall, black with gold GM, black with gold thick etc etc.....)...ugh......we may have to add it to our New York list.